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Scööb - is The Foldable Stand for Mobile Electronic Devices.

The Scööb stands out because of its small footprint, simplicity, functionality and low cost.


The Scööb is suitable for any brand of tablets and smart phones

Samsung phone in The Scööb

Apple iPad in The Scööb


Scööb is made out of a thin 0.5 mm polypropylene plastic sheet and unfolded, can fit in any tablet sleeve, in book as a bookmark, in pocket of your shirt, or in a regular mail envelope.

unfolded Scööb in shirt pocket

unfolded Scööb in envelope and book


In no time Scööb can be converted into a sturdy stand for your device.

It's easy as - 1, 2, 3


Scööb can be folded into different angles.

The 60 deg. position is for reading, and 40 deg. for typing.